Uncle Seth

The Original Pink Cookie



Home of Uncle Seth’s Cookies!


It began high in the mountains of Bali…..There it was that Danny Brown, Cookie Wizard Extraordinaire encountered a kindred spirit on his travels.  The man’s name was Seth, and he had left his life in the Rat Race behind him to live out his vision of Peace & Harmony far away from the crazed urban landscape he had known.

Despite popular misconceptions, Wizards (or at least Cookie Wizards!) are quite the amiable sort, and the two became fast friends.  Inspired by Seth’s passion for fun and his commitment to simplicity and happiness, Danny crafted a new cookie and hand-baked that outlook into every batch of his traditional Danish shortbread and fabulous cream cheese frosting.  When he had finished, he named his new creation after his friend, and thus Uncle Seth’s Cookie was born!

This is a cookie that says, “Eat me because you can!”  This cookie is the taste of joy, pure and simple.  Often imitated but never improved upon, Uncle Seth’s Cookie is the Original Pink Cookie.  Don’t settle for imposters.  After all, there are no shortcuts to happiness!

We are happy to announce that we will soon expand the Uncle Seth’s line of happiness to include additional individually wrapped treats. Be sure to follow us on Instagram  or Facebook so you won’t miss the announcements!