Our Belief

Baking a Difference

It’s Not About Us

People and planet. We believe that success in business is about more than the bottom line. Business ownership presents us with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to our community. Yes, we make really AMAZING food to eat, but we also work to make a positive impact on our neighbors by being intentional about giving, serving, and caring.

Causes we regularly support are raising money toward helping to heal childhood disease through Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s Hospital, donating food to awesome organizations who distribute it to homeless and hurting people, and working with the Department of Human Services to help people gain self-sufficiency through re-training and re-employment.

Besides the regular donations, we send a bunch of food out our doors for some pretty cool causes every month. Usually it’s for people who are trying to do good things for other people. We love that!

Anything that is no longer fresh for human consumption is either composted or shipped to a facility that turns it into animal feed. That’s because we also care about the environment and are striving to reach a zero-waste status at our facilities by donating, recycling, re-purposing, and composting.


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