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Who We Partner With…

Every week, every month, every year, we love to give our delicious baked goods away to folks who can benefit from them. We have a long list of awesome organizations who call us up to ask for a little help with their efforts, and we give hundreds of pounds of food away every week. Schools, churches, sports teams, events for great causes like cancer awareness, Police and Fire Department fundraisers, homeless ministries, the list goes on. We want to be a part of the solution. We love helping people, and we really love helping people who are helping other people. It’s contagious…and the more it spreads, the better our world becomes.

Here are a few organizations we partner with who are doing an awesome job of caring for people. We appreciate their efforts and we sure are pleased to be able to help in a small way! See more on our Where We Shine page.

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Birch Community Services does a fantastic job of bringing together organizations who are willing and able to help with thousands of people who are classified as working poor.

In addition to their food re-distribution program, which served 900 familes last year, Birch also works closely with their participants to help them learn the skills needed to become self-sufficient.
Words you will find on their website are human dignity, accountability, sustainability, education, and empowerment. We like it! Check out to learn more about the important work they are doing.

Partnering to Serve the Poor. Gateway Medical Alliance International through strategic partnerships, serves as a catalyst to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged by sharing healthcare resources worldwide. Gateway Medical Alliance has sent a total of 94 containers full of medical supplies and equipment to Haiti, Morocco, Cambodia, Ghana, Liberia, Madagascar, Marshall Islands, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. All of the materials we receive are donated by hospitals and clinics in Western Washington. We have a network of volunteers that work with GMA. Some pick up items, while others work in the warehouse sorting, packing, and taking inventory of the supplies. You can get more information about GMA and find out how to be involved on our website:

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unspecified-3“According to the Oregon Food Bank, one out of five children face hunger in our state. Marsee Baking currently partners with Because People Matter to help fight childhood hunger by sponsoring its North Portland BTown Kids site. BTown Kids creates space for children and families to develop community and capacity through encouragement, relationship and fun. Volunteers and staff spend Saturdays throughout the summer teaching kids the importance of community, providing a safe space to be a kid and play, and serving lunch to children and their families. The children BTown Kids serves primarily come from low-income families, many of whom are English as second language learners. BTown Kids acts as a catalyst to build healthy communities by bridging gaps and connecting kids with people who care for them. Marsee Baking cares for its community by helping BTown Kids continue to serve the children and families of North Portland through healthy meals, education and being active.” —Because People Matter



Pastor Bobby and the folks at Portland Victory Church in North Portland work diligently to find and meet the needs of our local homeless communities every week. Not only do they open their doors and welcome people to come to them, they also go out and meet people where they’re at. They bring the food to them. It’s an awesome ministy that takes dedication, patience, and heart. According to Pastor Bobby, he’s not just giving food, he’s giving people hope and love, by letting them know they are not forgotten.

nefpNortheast Emergency Food Program meets the urgent food needs of our north and northeast Portland neighbors while working to develop community solutions to secure access to adequate, affordable and healthy food. We ground our work in the belief that nutritious food is a basic human need and a building block for a healthy life of possibility.” Learn more about how these folks are changing lives at

seattle-set-freeSeattle Set Free is dedicated to helping people get off the streets and back on their feet. Since he was rescued from homelessness 23 years ago, Mark Cameron has devoted his life to helping others. Five days a week they hit the streets to find people who need food, clothing, and shelter, and bring them into one of the organization’s homes designed to give them the tools they need to become self-sufficient. Currently, they have 4 weekly outreaches, 4 homes for teaching life skills, a thrift store, and they host Celebrate Recovery every Friday. According to Pastor Mark, the most important thing they share with people is the love and grace found in the Gospel.