Customer Spotlight

Green ZebraWe started our morning at the Green Zebra Grocery in the Lloyd district yesterday. After setting up a table with free morning snacks for Green Zebra’s guests, we ordered a delicious coffee drink from their coffee bar (of course we did!). Then we enjoyed our surroundings inside and outside of their store. This is a really awesome and unique grocery store!

DSC03394This is what Green Zebra offers their community: “We carefully source the best local and organic food around, and we stock it right alongside everyday staples. Our in-store kitchens craft hot and delicious grab-and-go meals made from scratch, as well as custom and signature sandwiches. We have a full-service coffee bar, DSC03400hot breakfasts, and tasty pastries delivered everyday from local bakeries. Our beer and cider is 100% Oregon; our wines are thoughtfully selected and all under $20 a bottle. We pack all that into a small, convenient layout that makes it easy to get in and out fast.” —Green Zebra


They do all of that while also staying connected and involved with the local community. It is obvious from the start that community and customer service is top priority for them. Their store is spotless, staff is friendly, selection super amazing, and well, it’s just a really cool place.:) We love connecting with other local businesses who share our values. Currently, you can find a selection of Marsee’s cookies and pastries at their coffee bar.

Thanks for the warm welcome, Green Zebra!


DSC03320We paid a visit to our friends out in Forest Grove and had a cup of their exclusive, delicious coffee! If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, hop in your car and start driving west! It’s worth the trip.:)  Manager Emma and owner Becky Jo sat down with us and chatted about their business, their customers, and their coffee.DSC03309

BJ’s has been in business for 24 years and a Marsee customer for 15. They are asked daily where their delicious food comes from so thank you to everyone out in Forest Grove! It seems our philosophies match up pretty well. They are a local, family business with a heart for people.

Becky Jo outlined her priorities which have made BJ’s a local hotspot. They offer great tasting, fresh food and coffee, a safe “Cheers-like” atmosphere, and a comfortable place to hang out with friends. They put customers first and deeply appreciate the local community that supports them.

DSC03317We agree that their shop is a great place to hang out. It’s even decorated with productive coffee plants, which were started from Becky Jo’s own coffee beans! Becky Jo’s son, Nathan Palmer, is their sole supplier for roasted coffee beans. His company, To the Roots Coffee Roasters, sources and roasts beans from around the world.DSC03311

We are proud to supply fresh, delicious baked goods to BJ’s, and we were delighted to hear their praises for Marsee Baking. They talked at length about our knowledgeable, super helpful customer service staff and our consistent product quality. “Every time I call Marsee, they are always helpful and friendly. It means so much to me and my staff that we can call at any time and get great service. It’s good to know we can count on them.” –Becky Jo

DSC03319You can find BJ’s on Facebook to learn more about them.